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Wednesday, December 30, 2015



How is it going? Its been a while and I hope you are doing great. I have no posted anything from a while now and I have moved my portfolio from Blog spot over to Artstation. In case you are interested to see here is the link 

As the year ends I decided to collaborate with one of my very good friends GV Prashanth and do an environment project that involves heavy use of vegetation and Lots of detail. Be sure to check his work. Great guy to work with and very talented. 

___P R O J E C T___

We are learning lots of things. Personally i am learning how to scan stuff mostly Vegetation, Trees, Rocks and what not! Its fun. 

As we are both involved on this project GV is handling mostly vegetation  and environment and I am taking care of the Troll Character.

As for now we aren't very sure of the Concept or have a layout that we want to follow. Our goal at the moment is to make huge library of assets that we can reuse and save time. SO! we have been going out a lot and taking as many reference photos of interesting objects that can be useful in out projects and converting them to 3d Scan! Its crazy how good the technology has come. We want to combine our Environment and Character modelling skills and make a collaboration. We are planning to add this troll in some kind of Environment and make an Awesome art piece!

The Troll
Its a nature troll and lives in the jungle. Character has lots of stuff grown on top, Rocks, Mushrooms, Vines, Trees, Roots. So its going to be quiet crazy. We are planning to go for a scary look. At the moment he looks quiet calm but I will change it later on as its a very early stage of modeling. I have blocked out the body. I like where it is right now and in case any changes are needed it shouldn't be hard to do. I am kind of finalizing the rocks as i go and all rocks are separate subtool so that is not a problem at all. The main problem that i faced was to populate the Rocks on to the arms, The back back doesn't have many rocks and the rocks at the back for now are pretty massive so they cover lot of area. Arms have smaller volume of rocks so they had to be placed in a patterns so it doesn't look very planned growth rather looks random and natural. So I made few type of rocks in maya and then used SPpaint3D Script to scatter the rocks on to the body. GET IT!

Body type I am not sure at the moment. I dont want him to be too muscular so i will probably tone down the definition at little bit later on and have a bit saggy and wrinkly skin look. Lets see how it goes. Nothing is locked on yet at the moment.


The fun part. I am learning a lot of new things and a whole lot of possibilities with scanning. All you 
need is a camera and you can do lots of stuff! Phone cameras aren't that great for scanning. But if you don't have a fancy camera. Phone camera aren't that bad. 


Some updates on the character. I added lot more rocks and its quiet painful... No jokes here! Placing all those rocks because really easy using the SP paint script. BUT!!! Sculpting around those rocks to blending them with the body and not to mention sculpting all those little rocks so they dont look blobby was really time consuming. Its slowly and surely coming together nicely.
Anyways here is an update on my 1st try to blend the rocks and the body together. Enjoy.


Big Updates..Added some skin details. I think i am happy over all with the  shapes, But still long way to go and still have to add vegetation on the model.

Also changes the face, I think this one goes more with the body and fits better with the body type. The last one was kinda okish and looked very human like. It kind of looked forced. Anyway! its wiped. Hope you like the new looks. What ya think ?


A pose test!



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